Finished the first Dog Sitter Detective ( book by Antony Johnston @antonyjohnston today and have to say I quite enjoyed it. If you’re looking for a fun little crime novel that’s a fun and easy read I suggest checking it out. 📚

Another decent month for our #solar install, exported 1201 kWh and imported 466 a 2.5:1 ratio of export to import. Didn’t quite result in negativing out our whole utility bill this month but still only have to pay 40 bucks.

Power bill for a single family home in Calgary, Alberta with a 10.12 kW solar install.

Just ticked over 10 mWh generated from our #solar system since activation on Jan 11th 2023. In 241 days we’ve generated a large portion of our electricity usage and exported somewhere around 5 mWh back to the grid. I’m excited to see how things go over the winter months here. #yyc

Graph of kWh generated per day for a house in Calgary, Alberta, Canada with a 10.13 kW DC solar instalation.Screen shot of the EMA app showing 10k kWh (10 mWh) generated since activation.

Created a little bot over the last couple of nights. it pulls data from my power monitoring system and pushes a little automated status out nightly. There is no reason for anyone else to care about this but you can follow

Made it home safe from Nova Scotia this afternoon. Great vacation with the fam, drove 2222 km exploring a large part of the mainland parts. Really enjoyed all the time there.

We just watched a 30minute episode of Jeopardy and Ken Jennings was hosting. Through the whole broadcast he didn’t blink once when on camera. I think perhaps he is in fact a robot.

Just finished Silo on AppleTV+ and I can’t recommend it highly enough I really enjoyed it. I read the book it was based on as well and remember enjoying it but at this point it was so long ago I don’t recall places where the stories diverged. I would say it’s worth picking up AppleTV to check it out

Another month another #Solar electricity bill. We exported over 3x our import and broke a megawatt hour exported. The credit from that export almost totally offset all the stupid fixed transmission fees etc.

Electricity bill for Calgary, AB, Canada showing 1019 kWh exported and 317 kWh imported from the grid.

New #Solar record yesterday and some cool stats from my next bill. We exported 208% of the energy we imported from the grid over the billing period. With all the fixed costs we still ended up paying out of pocket but less the $15 bucks. If the weather stays sunny here might get to net negative.

Electricity bill from Calgary,Alberta, Canada showing 208% (895 kWh) exported vs imported (430 kWh)Solar production graph for Calgary, Alberta, Canada showing 70.01 kWh generated for Sunday May 14th 2023

April stats are in 1462 kWh generated averaging 48.7 kWh per day. With a peak generation day on April 29th of 66.74 kWh. #GreenEnergy #Solar.

Home Assistant energy dashboard solar generation graph for April 2023 from Calgary, AB, CanadaHome Assistant energy graph showing solar generation, import and export from the grid (correct data only showing starting April 19th as I rejiggered my data flow)